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Category: program, workshop by AIEP • Jan 5th, 2010

AUTHENTIC PERFORMANCE workshop with Ime Essien – Hassel



workshop with Ime Essien – Hassel

The class combines the Cunningham work, the swinging quality of Limon and release work on the  oor. The main focus though lies on the Authentic Per-form-ance: moving through the form and letting the form be the movement; learning from a more personal and more essential place. This is deepened during the workshop where Essien supports each dancer to engage in a personal inquiry into how to express her/his essence to the fullest. By using the approach of Process Inquiry®, Essien guides the dancer in an ef cient way to  nd his/her own solution to problems and the necessary change might not even take place on a physical level. She uses elements from Dansergia® (dance and energy), a method inviting us to move consciously from within and to express only what wants to be expressed. The movement is the teacher, the learner becomes his/her own guide, empowered to be a self-responsible and independent artist.

Ime Essien – Hassel has studied dance in Germany. She worked as a dancer in the Netherlands, in Belgium and in Germany. In Sweden she was engaged as rehearsal director for the company NorrDans, assisting in creations of choreographers such as Rui Horta (PO), Steven Petronio (USA), Jo Stromgren (NOR), Allen Kaeja (CAN), Ted Stoffer (USA), Roberto Zappalà (IT), Uri Ivgi (IL) and more. Since 2000 Essien has been trained in the energy perspective of Life Energy Process: Process Inquiry® and Dansergia®. Essien uses Process Inquiry® as a key tool to support essential learning in dance.

Workshop is open to intermediate and advanced dancers.


Friday 22 January – from 17.00 to 21.00

Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 January – from 11.00 to 18.00

(lunch time 13.30-14.30)


AIEP tel 02 3450996 |

Fee € 120. 10% off for associates.

Free admission for the selected through CFP


DIDSTUDIO @ Fabbrica del Vapore

via Procaccini 4, 20154 Milano



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