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Category: program, workshop by AIEP • Apr 8th, 2010

DAVID HERNANDEZ 7-8-9.05.2010

“My class is dealing mainly with the notion of weight, creating a dialogue with gravity. Through this class, I’m searching as well to make visible the volume and the multy-layeres of the body in relation to its environment. By visiting different levels of energy and dynamics , I’m developing exercises to awaken the posture conscience, and through choreographic phrases and improvisation tasks, I’m looking to « warm-up » an ‘internal momentum’ which generates fluidity in movements and amplifying the presence of the body in space ” D.H.

Workshop is open to intermediate and advanced dancers

David Hernandez 2

David Hernandez was born in Miami where he studied dance at New World School of the Arts. He moved to New York and worked as an apprentice for the Trisha Brown dance company. He left the U.S.A. and moved to Europe with Meg Stuart to help her start Damaged Goods in Belgium. After leaving the company he return to build his own work in Brussels under the name Edwardvzw. In the late 90s David directed the Performance Education Program (PEP) in Leuven. He teaches regularly at PARTS and he is working with different companies among Anouk van Dijk Company (N), as a dancer, educator and co-director with LaborGras (G) for the multimedia production “I, Myself and Me again” and as assistant choreographer with Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker and Rosas productions “D’un Soir Un Jour”, “Penture”, “La Monnaie happening”, “Keeping Still” and “Zeitung”.


DiD Studio – via Procaccini 4 – Milano

7 – 05 – 2010 – 19.00 /21.00

8 – 05 – 2010 – 11.00 /18.00

Centro Lifework – Via Enrico Fermi, 615 – 21027 Ispra

9 – 05 – 2010 – 10.30 /17.30 – only for  NAO selected artists


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