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Category: SPETTACOLO, program by AIEP • Nov 4th, 2010

Zero. A Solitary Dialogue Between a Body and its Owner


A Solitary Dialogue Between a Body and its Owner.

Choreography and Dance: Matteo Graziano

Music: Melle Kromhout

Lighting Design: Henk Danner

The work-in-progress performance is the first result of a contemporary dance research trajectory, followed and completed by a creative process. The area of interest revolves around the existing connections between the muscular and nervous system, with an analysis of the moving body under different states of mind frequencies. The parallels between the researching around the contemporary dancing body and the intellectual and artistic fascination with the number 0 (zero) are the access key and leitmotif of the project.

What does zero mean, in relation to the body?

Where is zero located in the body? How can we access it?

What comes across this shape? What happens in this nulla figura?

I put my body in an empty space.

I asked it to show the Zero.

Its answer was ambiguous.

So We started to converse.

Beneath. Ending point. Cleaning. Confrontation. Below. Waiting. Emptiness. Electricity. Behind. Loneliness. Absence. Foolishness. Reflexion. Short circuit. Listening. Nothing that is. Rebound. Frailty. Nothing is nothing. Never-ending. Vulnerability. Honesty. Privation. Uncomfortableness. Echo. Starting point. Us.


Matteo Graziano (Torino, 1984)

His praxis in dance and strong interest in the performing body led him to the Dance & Choreography department of School of Performing Arts PAOLO GRASSI, Milan. There, he performed a.o. for Lara Guidetti, Luciana Melis, Lucinda Childs, Emio Greco|PC. In 2009 he has moved to the Netherlands, to pursue his artistic projects and ambitions. His interest in filmmaking has grown vigorously in the last years, being him fascinated by the movement of the body as well as the movement of the image. In 2008 he is co-director of the audio-visual feature ‘The Waste Land’, inspired by Eliot’s poem. Holds a BA in Intercultural Communication at Università degli Studi di Torino (2008).


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