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Category: SPETTACOLO, program, technological workshops by AIEP • Nov 17th, 2010

E²: Expanded Enaction: Milan<=>Seoul

“E²: Expanded Enaction: Milan<=>Seoul

“E²: Expanded Enaction: Milan<=>Seoul” is the result of an interdisciplinary international cooperation

between the Dept. of Visual Communication Design of Hongik University and the Master Course “Digital

Environment Design” of NABA-Milan.

For a period of 2 semesters, a collaborative workshop, occurring through the communication networks and

a specifically designed Content Management System.

The workshop has been focused on conceiving, planning and producing projects of enhanced interface design

for shared media installation.

The contents consist of a collection of different digital data (picture-video-sound) recorded in their own city

by the students aggregated on interactive maps, a sort of “digital fresco” of their own cities.


>Dept. of Visual Communication Design of Hongik University, Seoul, Korea:

Students: Yun Jin-Yeong, Cheong Chi-Hyuk, Lee Joo-Hoon, Kim Jeong-Gon, Choi Min-

Seok, Lee Jin-Uk, Cho Min-Jae, Lee Min-Kyung, Oh Eun-Ji, Hwang Sang-Pil, Cheon

Myung-Heon, Elena , Park So-Young

Director: Oliver Griem


>Master Course “Digital Environment Design” of NABA-Milan, Italy:

Students: Fabio Alvino, Sebastiano Barbieri, Elena Castellini, Chiara Folladore, Mar’yana

Matieva, Maurizio Sartori, Giovanni Scolaro, Ursula Seyr, Pietro Tarsitano.

Director: Paolo Atzori

Tutor: Nima Hajihosseini

Open 18.00 – 19.30 under booking



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