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Category: SPETTACOLO, program by AIEP • Nov 11th, 2011

Bolero del Drago Rosso – meeting

Marco Schiavoni and Caterina Genta


il Bolero del Drago Rosso

On Friday, December 2nd – h. 9.30 pm

The evening presents a moment and performative works of artists born from a previous search of deep integration between the different media of expression: visual art, dance and live music, to explore the transformation and the ambivalence in the interpretation of these languages​​.

Within a structure pre-recorded, and Caterina Genta Marco Schiavoni use live sound and powerful body as signs and signifiers, maintaining an authenticity of expression and an emotional relationship with the public, making out the dialogue that may arise between the vitality and power of a body and a simple acoustic sound vibration technology media.

Since 2005 years the artists working on instances as the exchange, dialogue, integration trying to connect first music and dance, based on the syncretism of different languages ​​and cultures in a search that is both ethical and aesthetic.

In this study we have performative, Caterina Genta, a dancer who uses and integrates their training to the German school (the Pina Bausch Folkwangschule) with the charm born from the encounter with some dancers Buto, interacts with a video screen in a continuous game overlapping visual and revealing.

Mark Schiavoni, composer, instrumentalist and videographer for more than thirty active on the Italian scene, skilled in composing music for theater, live sound and electronic and acoustic set ideoscenografie, play live a very unique instrument, the harp dialogues with China and the materials and recorded video.


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