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Category: SPETTACOLO, program by AIEP • Nov 11th, 2011

Flux – Viola Ongaro

Viola Ongaro



On Dec. 9th 2011 – h. 8 pm – Spazio ExNeon

Flux is a constant stream of dance, circular, which sees the dancer Viola Ongaro involved in a choreography in which each repeat loop finds new meaning in the interaction with the public.


The movement is an indicator of the life of an organism
All vital functions are conducted through movements which summarizes: breath, flow, pulse, transmission.

The breathing, circulation, heartbeat, transmission of electrical impulses and all organic processes, represent a continuous movement that keeps us alive.

From inside to outside.

Living for us also means acting in and on the environment relate outside through “movements”. Something that is born within you project off: an idea becomes a creative act, emotion expression, a project becomes action.

Communication is also moving

If it is true that the movement is an indicator of our business life, how can we “measure” this movement? measurement carried out through a differential.

This difference, to be shared needs a witness.

Without the help of machines, so we need a greater level of tangibility: this may mean “close the gap” between the performer and the audience.

There is a tangible visual, olfactory, auditory, tactile and gustatory sense and there is also no “official” is called empathy.

Empathy is a feeling “with” the other or hear each other through them and vice versa, as in a sort of sounding board. Empathy is not bound to the distance

Empathy is also the basis of artistic communication.

The flow is constant, never to return, always goes forward.

The pulse has characteristics of regularity and consistency.

In the transmission path is from outside to inside and outside. Incorporates, process it, restore it.

(written by the author: Viola Ongaro)


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