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Category: program, tavola rotonda by AIEP • Nov 11th, 2011

I’m all ears – Rossella Fiumi

Dec. 9th, 2011 – h. 7 pm -  spazio Ex.Neon
Rossella Fiumi, curator of art ZipFest, a famous festival that animates the scene of Italian contemporary dance from year 2000 ,  receives, meets, listens, talks, dance,  shares experiences and feelings about the world of performing arts.

I’m all ears

(2007) by Rossella Fiumi- editing by Corrado Barbetti
View in progress of a rural scene, which comes up for a divertissement creative sequence, where the natural movement of a herd grazing is captured in real time, delivering on time and space created by livestock action.
Order and choreography of the animal world, in a crunch where even the natural sound of the wind bells and contributes to open the senses and the wonder of listening and thinking about the essence of life.


Independent artist, choreographer, dancer, performer of improvisation, teacher and artistic director of Zipfest.
She was trained in the techniques of traditional (classical, modern dance), has developed over the years of study and research background with masters of postmodern generation, and the Release Technique, Butoh, Contact Improvisation and improvisation.
Her work has been influenced and enriched by research and collaboration with Dominique Dupuy, Masaki Iwana, Lepkoff Daniel, Lisa Nelson.
She directs in Orvieto since 1984 its own work space, training center and home of the dance company ALEFdanzaateatro. The Company ALEF was supported by a contribution for the production by the Ministry for Arts and Culture from 1984 to 2003.
In 2004 she coined the new identity of the Company under the symbol dynamic Caravajal15 residence.

Choreographer in the panorama of contemporary dance since 1987, her creations have been staged in Italy and abroad (Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Russia).
She has participated as a performer and educator in European projects on improvisation and contact improvisation, including: Tanzfabrik Berlin 1991-1993; Valencia Festival 1994; ECITE Budapest 2000; International Contact Festival Freiburg 2004 and 2005; XII de Quinzena Lisbon 2004, Warsaw 2004 Crossroads, St. Petersburg 2006, and others.

From 2002 she collaborated, as an external teacher, with the DAMS – University of Rome – where she gives workshops on Contact Improvisation and improvisation at the Faculty of Humanities.

Among his plays in repertory:

“Tre Studi sul Serpente” 1992, “Espresso Doppio” (videodanza) 1993, “My feet are not long enough” 1995, “Buongiorno Signori” 2000, “Give me a hand and end” (videodanza) 2001, “Glue” 2002, “Dramma involontario” 2002, “Rewind” 2004, “BUSH*performance” 2006.


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