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NAO Nuovi Autori Oggi project developed and carried on by Associazione Ariella Vidach-Aiep has been taking under wings 38 artists on successful application with the purpose of supporting them in the staging and promotion of their works.

On these premises, through the period 2010/2011, 22 performances were already presented and  4 artists out of the selected ones have been included in residency programs that brought them to create 4 brand new works, fully supported and funded by NAO project.

The artists have been encouraged to meet and share their ideas, studies and competences with one another and to find some matching points in their processes of creation. On this purpose they have been invited to take part in special events conceived to give them further sources of inspiration: 7 workshops on choreography, 8 workshops on interactive technology and special days of self-coordinated work, alongside many extra appointments related to Associazione Aiep’s activity.

Their works were already presented within the two editions of NAO PERFORMING FESTIVAL framework, which featured 6 shows, 9 performances, 4 installations, 2 lectures on young artists’ creations, and involved a huge audience of 1500 people.

NAO PROJECT is carrying on and is constantly supplied with the activity at Did Studio, that offers a wide range of opportunities to explore the work on Interactive Digital Dance at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

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